Gilton Solid Waste Management has maintained a focus to be at the forefront of changing technology.

Original Recyclers

Throughout its 75-year history, the owners and management of Gilton Solid Waste Management (GSW) have continuously sought new and innovative ways to collect, divert, recycle, transfer, and dispose of all types of recyclables and wastes. This entrepreneurial culture at GSW has allowed the company to help each of the cities and counties that we serve to achieve and exceed California’s state mandates through proactive, common sense waste management programs. GSW was the first in the county to go to:

  • Automated collection
  • Built roll-off trucks that hold big bins
  • ONE-PASS collection trucks

Innovation Timeline


Recycled aluminum pie pans & cardboard from Campbell Soup’s chicken pot pies.


Hauled tomato biproducts of Del Monte, Contadina, and Tri-Valley and started repurposing into cattle feed.


Newsprint Curbside Recycling began.


Started automated pickup utilizing 90-gallon container on wheels.


Gilton Resource Recovery/Transfer Facility, Inc. opened on McClure Road.


Began composting organics at McClure Road.


Began using ONE-PASS automated vehicles to collect two carts at same time.


Enhanced residential diversion program by adding paper products and food waste in green container.


Began providing curbside bulky item collection services to residential customers & began providing free CRT disposal to both residents and businesses.


Created Genesis PureDri Nutrients by drying fruits and vegetables for pet food ingredients.


ONE-PASS Automated Vehicles

State-of-the-Art ONE-PASS Automated Vehicles collect both the organic and garbage carts at same time.

  • Meets customers’ need for convenience and timing
  • Meets our cities’ need for minimal impact to streetsand lower maintenance
  • Safety for residents and local drivers as fewer trucks on residential streets
  • All vehicles are full compliance with the California Air Resources Board’s stringent air emission standards.
  • 25+ years proven efficiency resulted in lower overall rates


High Diversion Material Recovery Facility

With plans to expand into a high diversion Materials Recovery Facility (MRF), Gilton Resource Recovery (GRR) will be positioned as the Central Valley’s premier solid waste facility that combines the operations of a transfer station, materials recovery facility, and organic waste composting. Doing this will allow GRR to not only accept more materials, but to recover and repurpose more materials from the waste stream and landfill, especially organics.

Having these operations in place will allow the jurisdictions we serve to comply with mandates set forth by the State of California in Senate Bill 1383, Short-Lived Climate Pollutants (SLCP): Organic Waste Methane Emissions Reductions (SB 1383). SB 1383 is the most significant waste reduction mandate to be adopted in California in the last 30 years. Gilton is taking a more thoughtful, strategic approach to provide a long-term, sustainable solution to SB 1383 mandates.

SB 1383 established a statewide target to decrease methane emissions at landfills by reducing the disposal of organic waste 75% (below 2014 levels) by 2025. SB 1383 defines organic waste to include the following:

  • Green materials
  • Wood waste
  • Fiber (paper and cardboard)
  • Food scraps
  • Food-soiled paper
  • Landscape/pruning waste

Composting Facility

GRR utilizes composting as a critical component in the management of organics. We are permit to compost 471 tons/day or 170K tons/yr. We are one of only 35 compost facilities in California that can accept food. Our new composting facility gives the cities we serve the assurance that they have secured capacity for their waste material.

Along with innovation, the company maintains a keen awareness of regulatory issues and environmental concerns and actively serves as a leader in the industry as part of the Resource Recovery Coalition of California.